Wherever You Are is Where You Belong 

We are a chosen family of travelers, explorers, and wanderers. People who spend every day on life’s great journey – always in search of mastery, meaning, and magic along the way. 

The Wines

The Vineyard

The Space

Proudly made in Chico

This place – Odyssey Winery – is special stop on life’s winding road. It’s a place where people from all walks find the inspiration to share their story over a meal and a beautiful bottle of wine. Some will come to talk about what they’ve seen. Others will tell you what will keep them on their way. But for the short time that we’re here, we’ll make it an unabashed celebration of our big, beautiful, bountiful, and colorful lives together. We’re so glad that you found your way to us. We hope that Odyssey Winery is a place that makes you feel at home. No matter where you’re coming from. 

Meet the team

Our team is comprised of Jarred Pearce, Nickie Peacher, and Warren Gilbert.